Some obvious stuff

What will it cost?

Design charges are quoted on a per job basis.

Print quotes supplied on receipt of specification, I can help with that if you don't know your silk from your matt or your saddle stitching from your perfect binding.

Computer repairs are based on a no fix no fee system. There may be some exceptions but I will give you a price before I start

Can you fix my computer?

Yes in the vast majority of cases. If I can't or deem it uneconomical I can pass on details (for electrical repairs) of other engineers.

I can also recover data from hard drives. If the drive has failed badly I can send it for recovery from a laboratory. It's expensive (from £400) but you may deem it worthwhile.

Do you sell computers?

Yes. Mainly refurbished systems as computers are, on the whole, very reliable and there is plenty of well specified ex-corporate machinery with years of life left.